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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly – the Rejuvenating Food

Royal is often regarded as the revitalize food with increasing popularity in recent years due to its ability to induce rejuvenating effect on the skin and give people younger and radiant looking. Royal jelly is secreted by worker bees and has different components from honey. After the worker bees consume pollen and honey, digested and absorbed the nutrients in the intestines and then passing through the spine to the head of the pharyngeal glands and then become royal jelly. Worker bees secrete from the mouth when necessary and then feed to queen bee or queen bee larvae. Royal jelly is a liberation-type gland secretions in a form of milky lotion, so in a Chinese translation we call it the milk of the queen bee.

Royal Jelly contains various essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals. In addition, there are 10 kinds of decanoic acid substances only existing in bee by-products. Royal Jelly has particularly higher amount than others and this substance is vital for human body to improve cells regeneration.  Continue reading Royal Jelly