Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is often regarded as the revitalize food with increasing popularity in recent years due to its ability to induce rejuvenating effect on the skin and give people younger and radiant looking. Royal jelly is secreted by worker bees and has different components from honey. After the worker bees consume pollen and honeydigested and absorbed the nutrients in the intestines and then passing through the spine to the head of the pharyngeal glands and then become royal jelly. Worker bees secrete from the mouth when necessary and then feed to queen bee or queen bee larvae. Royal jelly is a liberation-type gland secretions, sour milky lotion, so in Chinese translation, we call it the milk of the queen bee.

Royal Jelly contains various essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals. In addition, there are 10 kinds of decanoic acid substances only existing in bee by-products, Royal Jelly has particularly higher amount than others and this substance is vital for human body to improve cells regeneration.

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Royal Jelly Harvest Process

Each bee box has a queen bee and average sixty thousand bees, Royal Jelly is taken after the worker bees eat pollen and honey and going through the digesting process and transforms into yellowish emulsion and feeding to the queen bee. When harvesting the Royal Jelly, a hole with the size of tip of the index finger would be drilled on the bee hive, planting the prepared bee larvae as a bait, so the worker bees would apply the Royal Jelly secretion on to the bait as they are feeding the queen larvae. The beekeepers will then take out the bait, using small ‘spoons’ to extract the Royal Jelly. One kg of Royal Jelly will take up to four hours to extract.

Royal Jelly Benefits

  • Anti-aging: Royal Jelly can promote growth, protein synthesis, improve metabolism and immune system. Further experiments show that royal jelly can promote the regeneration of liver, kidney and nerve cells.
  • Antimicrobial effect: Royal Jelly contained 10-HDA inhibit microorganisms growth.
  • Royal Jelly can make the immune cell proliferation and increase the amount of antibody.
  • Endocrine regulation: Royal Jelly contains a gonadotropin-like substance that can increase seminal vesicle weight and ovarian follicle precocity, increasing spawning. It can also promote endocrine activities to improve the resistance and tolerance to harsh environments. In short, Royal Jelly has effect to help boost fertility and increase the chance of pregnancy.
  • Improve metabolism: Royal Jelly can increase the basal metabolic rate.
  • Royal Jelly can increase blood Iron transport, and increase red blood cell and platelets.
  • Anticancer: Royal Jelly can fight leukemia, cancer and other cancer ascites inhibitory effect. In some theory, Royal jelly also has been addressed that it causes acetylcholine-like effects, an ether-soluble part have strong anti-cancer ability.
  • Lowering blood cholesterol: there are reports shows that if patients with hardening arteries conditions take Royal Jelly 50-100mg per day can reduce the serum cholesterol and serum lipids total.
  • Beauty maintenance: the royal jelly contains a variety of beneficial substances to our skin, hence it is a great cosmetic agent.
  • In other aspects: Royal Jelly also has positive effects such as analgesic effect, improving intestinal peristalsis and uterine contractions and so on.

Royal Jelly Capsule Concentrated Freezing Technology

In order to ensure for longer freshness and easy swallowing, we have used the latest Japanese technology of concentrated drying process the Royal Jelly, extracting water and crystallize it hence it can be deposited into capsules. Royal Jelly capsule products can save your time and effort and you can take the capsules anywhere and anytime. Because of the concentrated drying process technology removes moisture, so each capsule contains 400mg of Royal Jelly crystals, is equivalent to 1333 mg of fresh Royal Jelly.


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Royal Jelly Powder and Capsule

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