Pollen – Rhus javanica

Bee PollenRhus Javanica

Rhus Javanica pollen is regarded as the world’s most nutritious natural food. The composition of the pollen varies  very widely from different flower sources and Rhus Javanica has the richer nutrition than others. Normal bee pollen contains roughly 24% protein , 27% carbohydrate, 5% fat (plus others). When worker bees collecting the pollen, they used honey as adhesives and mixed with pollen; that is why pollen taste sweet. Pollen has very high protein content and contains Glutamic Acid family which is essential to human body, especially the amino acid of the Glutamic Acid Family is the most important one. Pollen also contains more than two dozen of dietary elements and vitamins, see more details to my post Pollen – Rhus Javanica.

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Pollen Benefits

  • Pollen can cure constipation

  • Maintain bone health

  • Protection enterohepatic disease

  • Prevention of coronary heart disease

  • Improve prostate problems

  • Prevent aging and rejuvenate skin

See additional information in my post Pollen – Rhus Javanica.

蒲鹽花粉:包裝與花粉 Rhus Javanica Pollen: pack and pollen
Rhus Javanica Pollen

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