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Pollen and Royal Jelly 

They are two rare natural food supplements capable of providing nutrition the human body needs. For continuous daily intake, 4 gram of Rhus Javanica pollen and 2 gram of Royal Jelly can fully supply human body the essential nutrients missing from our daily meals.  Our products are supplied by Taiwan East Region Beekeeping Team who offers Royal Jelly and pollen extracted from rare flower of Rhus Javanica.

Nowadays it is difficult for people with busy schedule to balance the nutrition consumption from their daily diet, especially when the parents of family are both busy with work, the situation of malnutrition is even worse. They often opt restaurants or takeaway as their main meal choice.  Restaurants offers a wide range of food but would be inevitably more focusing on taste, appearance and ignoring nutritional balance and it is why natural food supplements play indispensable role at the present time.

Rhus Javanica Pollen

Pollen is the essence of flowers, with a variety of ingredients beneficial to human body; every tiny granules of pollen contains highly concentrated nutrition. It is regarded as a valuable natural food supplement.

Rhus Javanica Pollen has following effects on body: treating constipation,  maintain bone health, protection enterohepatic disease, prevention of coronary heart disease, improve prostate problems.

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Rhus Javanica

Royal Jelly from Taiwan

Royal Jelly is often regarded as the rejuvenating food with increasing popularity in recent years. Royal Jelly is secreted by worker bees and has different components from honey. After the worker bees consume pollen and honeydigested and absorbed the nutrients in the intestines and then passing through the spine to the head of the pharyngeal glands and then become royal jelly is stored in the glands. Worker bees secrete from the mouth when necessary and then feed to queen bee or queen bee larvae. Royal jelly is a liberation-type gland secretions, sour milky lotion, so in Chinese translation, we call it the milk of the queen bee.

Royal Jelly has the following effects on human body: anti-aging, anticancer antimicrobial, immune cell proliferation, increase the amount of antibody, endocrine regulation, improve metabolism, increase blood Iron transport, lowering blood cholesterol, beauty maintenance, analgesic.

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Bee Hive

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